Deposit Funds Instantly by Credit Card

Step 1: Payment Gateway

The default is option 1. Option 1 is selected automatically. Please only use option 1. Option 2 is unavailable at the moment.

Step 2: Deposit Amount

Choose the amount you wish to deposit to your account.

Step 3: Pay

Enter your credit card information below. Upon payment, you will receive a code which you can redeem to deposit funds into your acount. The code will also be sent to your email (note, iCloud, hotmail, live, or outlook email accounts may not receive a receipt. Please screenshot the next page after payment for our support email). There is a processing fee, however it is much cheaper and faster to pay via credit card than cryptocurrencies.

Order Summary

Deposit Amount

Processing Fee:


By clicking pay now, you agree to our terms of use. The payment will appear as DL Media on your bank statement or banking app. You will receive a code to deposit funds to your account once your payment is successful. You will also receive an email with your code and refund information. If you do not receive the email, check your spam folder. Once you redeem your code you will instantly add credits to your account. Paying with credit card is much faster and cheaper than paying with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Please click the Pay button only ONCE! If there is an issue after payment and you do not receive a code, or you are double charged, please email or text 212-202-1074. Please save or screenshot this email.

The payment will appear as DL Media on your banking app.

Note: If you autofill your payment information, you may get an error that states your expiration date or CVV code or card number is invalid. Please type your card info manually if this occurs. If your payment is declined and you have enough funds in your bank account, you may receive a text or email to accept the charge, if not, you can call your bank and ask them to accept the payment.